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Adsense ClickJacking

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I wanted to to get the attention of Adsense Clickjacking Users.

What it does:

A visitor clicks on something on your site, but what he doesnt notice is an invincible adsense add which he is clicking on.
It is Money Machine, if adsense wouldn't always ban accounts quickly! And everyone I know using it gets banned all the time.. after a month, right away or even after 6 months!

Where to get such script

There are a few underground forums which have it, but are extremely expensive. Another one is being sold on es5 for $500 which is the cheapest but very useless.

My experience

I made several thousand dollars a month with it until I got banned. Creating new accs would be banned that quickly.
I diddnt make any backlinks or any content, just 3 articles and that was it.

Please share your experience here! and ideas maybe in how to use it without being caught
 楼主| 发表于 2012-5-19 01:51:36 | 显示全部楼层
pastilan;26790 Wrote:I know someone who almost got rich using this funny Adense ClickJacking script. He earned more than $10,000 in one month. He was soo happy and started making a list of the things that he would buy when he receives his Adsense money at the end of the following month. But of course Adsense banned the guy 3 days before payday. The guy drowned in depression and almost killed himself. It was funny.

    dzinga1;26795 Wrote:been doing adsense cj for years..earned a lot, but not that much as I kept myself under the radar. I didnt get banned, but I stopped doing it before I let Google ban me. Before sharepro got greedy and decided to publicly advertise his script that has gone mainstream now, cjing was still a nice "business model". I know there are still people earning with cjing, but its too much of a hassle now. You need to setup fake referrer sites, add content, build links...make them credible websites...and you still can get banned. it's just not worth it. You should better invest this time and money into building a REAL authority site. I now cj adult PPCs as they don't give a shit how you deliver the clicks.

    Solver;26796 Wrote:Where do you get the traffic for the adult ppc, and what network you can cj (that use adults ppc)?

    dzinga1;26797 Wrote:I already have a shitload of adult traffic, but the conversions are poor...getting like 0.5% ctr. I buy traffic thru trafficholder and boost it to 2-3%. I cj exoclick and ero advetising.

    TerraX;26800 Wrote:I made several thousand dollars with it with 5-6 accounts spread in 6 months.
    All banned except one.

    Yes even if it stays under the radar you still get banned because the advertisers complain.

    Until now I couldn't find a complete blueprint on how to stay undetected.

    Because I did no Back linking and no content except 1 article full with keyword with Insurance on 6 Accounts.
    All the same way.
    I tried all ways amounts,
    New account 300$ banned in the first month no payment.
    New account 600$ first month and got payout and 2nd month banned
    new account 1200$ spread in 2 months and still alive
    old account 3000$ spread in 4 months, after that got banned
    old account 2500$ spread in 4 months, after that banned.

    Anyone being under the radar.. it seems like they only ban if several advertisers complain


    dzinga1;26802 Wrote:The best way is to mix regular SE traffic with bought traffic. If you already have a site with some traffic (the more the better)..you can boost it up with cj. I have a friend doing this for years with no problems. However, I also know a guy that earned 5k monthly from adsense regularly, got greedy and tried cjing...got banned....now thats a bummer.

    TerraX;26803 Wrote:5k per month whitehad and got greedy.. too bad.

    Yes I was thinking of mixing it up with whitehat traffic.
    The problem is that insurance sites are hard to rank with lots of traffic, they pay really 1$ minimum per click.

    I will soon try it again, ranking a site up and mixing it up maybe 70% whitehat clicks and 30 clickjack clicks

    I still cant stand sharepro, only because he cant make himself money with clickjack, he instead sells his script publicly promoting it.
    Why would you sell your script that is so powerful, except you yourself cant make money with on adsense.

    dzinga1;26809 Wrote:Initially, he advertised it as being a primarily adsense cj script, but now that 90% of the users got all their accounts banned...he claims on the forum he did not make it for adsense..and that we should use our imagination and implement other original strategies, like cjing fb likes, mixing it with cpa etc. But, you will have to buy yet another script of his to cj fb likes, google +1 etc.

    Also, if you try targeting high paying kws, that's yet another red flag for google. Google knows you can't slap 5 crappy posts on your mesothelioma blog and earn hundreds daily after a month. That's not gonna happen. You're just wasting money on traffic, domains and hosting. As I said in the previous post, you should better use your resources to setup a long term authority site. You will laugh at yourself for doing cj after a year or two. Yes, it takes time, but it's WELL worth it.

    TerraX;26818 Wrote:It worked for 6 months with just simple high paying keywords and 5 crappy posts ;) But I will now try to stay under the radar and make whitehat sites instead and additional cj (30%)

    Kiro;26820 Wrote:This is all nice and sweet but how can you get adsense accounts nowadays? I wanna try my luck also but no idea how to get these account fast? Any tips are welcome

    kikkoman;26826 Wrote:Used to make money with it but I had 9 accounts banned within 3 months. Many of them had been working for months so I guess google changed something.

    I used docstock the get the initial approval and friend's details then paid them a cut.

    Kazzo;26836 Wrote:Any chance to get that adsense CJ script ?

    accelerator_dd;26849 Wrote:U can get an account by applying for triond as a publisher, writing an article or two and applying for adsense through them. they offer something like if someone clicks an ad on your article ,you get 50%, but you get an account thats the point, and u can use it for whatever and keep 100% ofc

    billybee;27315 Wrote:I heard you can buy them here...


    I don't vouch or guarantee anything..just heard though the grapevine that they were reliable source

    andreifyves;28850 Wrote:Alright, I have a site with 300k pageviews and a ton of uniques every month. Content writers put content up all the time and the site is entirely whitehat. I totally agree with the sneakiness of sharepro, everything he has said on skype and on the forums is starting to make sense now. Still, if I buy his software would I be able to make proper money from it?

    I also have a site with 1.5m pageviews monthly, same genre and completely whitehat. I probably won't try it there, but I'd like to give it a shot on the 300k one. Can anyone point me in the right direction on what my strategy should be to never get banned?

    iofferthebest;28851 Wrote:i think blogger is anther way to fast track an adsense acct
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